Our Clients

“When we first met Merchant Advocate, we were processing through a major bank and we were happy with our rates and relationship. Merchant Advocate was able to uncover unnecessary fees and save us over $20,000 a year. In addition, their monthly monitoring program caught arbitrary increases that we never knew about and they handled getting rid of them for us. We are now a long term client of Merchant Advocate.”
Ben Petrovic, Owner, A.C. Harley-Davidson

“We took for granted that there was no fat in our credit card processing contracts. Merchant Advocate helped my practice in a significant way and blew away our contract, finding thousands of dollars a year in hidden fees and a coding error worth over $500 a month, that were impossible for us to see. We wouldn’t have been aware of this if it weren’t for Merchant Advocate”
Joel Schlessinger MD, FAAD, FAACS, Board-certified Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon Chief Editor, Cosmetic Surgery, Practical Dermatology Magazine President, LovelySkin.com

“I am happy to say the savings you promised us did in fact occur and in just one of our accounts we saved over $1,500 a month. We therefore have made a final decision to have you work on all of our merchant accounts.”
Suzanne McGoldrick, Chelsea Piers

Our Clients

“Through Merchant Advocate’s negotiation with our processor and constant monitoring of our merchant account, we realized savings of well over $4,000 per year. In the 3 years that Merchant Advocate has been working with us, this amounted to over $10,000 in lower credit card costs for my restaurant.”
Wayne Yu, Hunan Gourmet

“Merchant Advocate has provided Lainhart & Potter with a service it could not get on its own. When our sales started to slip as the current recession began, we reevaluated all our expenses for potential savings. The one area that defied analysis was credit card processing fees. Six months ago we asked our processor to look at our accounts to see if we qualified for a less expensive rate structure. Our rates were lowered. They still seemed high, but we did not have the expertise to challenge the processor. Merchant Advocate gave us the expertise and secured substantially lower rates for us. The ongoing monitoring of the rates is an equally important part of the service provided by Merchant Advocate. Without their vigilance, there is nothing to prevent a processor from raising the rates without justification after a decent interval. Lainhart & Potter is very pleased with the services provided by Merchant Advocate and appreciate their help in penetrating the arcane world of credit card processing.”
Jere, Lainhart & Potter

“Merchant Advocate came in and after their audit of my statements, they negotiated with my processor and my rates on multiple merchant accounts were lowered to a very competitive level. Any time we asked for help or advice for our merchant accounts, they were always there for us with straight answers and insider knowledge, not a run around or ‘we’ll get back to you.”
Robert Romano, Lifeline Medical

“Merchant Advocate was wonderful to work with in reviewing all of my merchant statements & providing me valuable feedback on what we were doing right and where we could save more money. Definitely worth the time to look into in order to save money!”
Heather Jenkins, Clevens Face & Body Specialists

“Thank you for taking the time to review our current credit card processing information. I would also like to thank you in regards to the education and feedback that you have provided to us. Based on this information with some of our transactions and fees we are currently paying, it has allowed us the ability to work with our current processor and improve upon our fee structure. We appreciate the time that you have taken to partner with us to achieve this goal. Thank you again.”
Diane Morris, Stonewall Kitchen, LLC

“Merchant Advocate was instrumental in helping us achieve a rate for our credit card service that is comparable to the rate given to large organizations. They also have been there helping us make the right decision anytime we have a question or a competitive offer from other processors.”
John Caballero, Caballero and Sons Plumbing

“Tire World has been using your service for just over a year now. True to your word and agreement you have negotiated better rates for us with our chosen credit card processor and monitored those rates. The savings do add up. All phone calls were responded to in a timely, professional, and courteous manner; questions and concerns were answered and suggestions offered without any pressure to accept them. I feel very comfortable running new proposals by you and know that I will be getting an honest assessment of same.”
Felice Goldberg, Tire World

“Merchant Advocate helped us reduce our rate but even more important our processor didn’t give us the best possible rate available according to Merchant Advocate so when we asked them to look at some competitive quotes and tell us what to do they were able to decipher all details and hidden fees and present us with the best alternative.”
Albert Christiansen, Scotts Lawn Service

“Thank you again for the wonderful service from Merchant Advocate! Although my bank has excellent rates for my credit card processing, you still found a way that I can save fees each month with some very simple changes on my end. I greatly appreciate the help, and would recommend this service to any business.”
Deborah Bash, MD, FACS, Plastic Surgery

“Our company had just switched to a new credit card processor and we were frustrated because we felt that we should have been given a lower rate. Merchant Advocate used their negotiating power to get our rate reduced with the same processor. We were very impressed with how easy the process was- they took all of the work out of our hands and worked directly with the processor on our behalf. We will save thousands of dollars this year thanks to them.”
Stuart Levine, President, Ramsey Outdoor Stores, Inc.

“The savings of over $1300 per month for our six locations is even more than you had anticipated. Finally, a company has come along that delivers on their promise.”
Katherine A. Mann, Bayshore Fitness & Wellness Center

“Merchant Advocate helped us reduce our rate with our current processor and we are finally comfortable knowing that we are processing credit cards near cost. When they first came to us we were skeptical because so many people try to get us to switch processors however, their approach of working with our current processor and taking a percentage of the savings serves as a win-win relationship. Merchant Advocate’s consulting service is especially of value during this economic downturn where all business owners are looking to reduce expenses and we take comfort in having Merchant Advocate on our side should we have any further issues.”
Donald J Miller, Flemington Car and Truck Country

“A year ago a fellow dermatologist introduced me to Merchant Advocate…I was told at no cost to me they would look at my credit card processing charges and should be able to save me money. They were able to do what they promised but just as important to me was the seamless transition. A monthly statement from them keeps me notified of how much is saved. I have no regrets having gone with them and would recommend them to other physicians.”
Peter Panagotacos, MD, Dermatology Center of San Franscisco