“Merchant Advocate has provided Lainhart & Potter with a service it could not get on its own. When our sales started to slip as the current recession began, we reevaluated all our expenses for potential savings. The one area that defied analysis was credit card processing fees. Six months ago we asked our processor to look at our accounts to see if we qualified for a less expensive rate structure. Our rates were lowered. They still seemed high, but we did not have the expertise to challenge the processor. Merchant Advocate gave us the expertise and secured substantially lower rates for us. The ongoing monitoring of the rates is an equally important part of the service provided by Merchant Advocate. Without their vigilance, there is nothing to prevent a processor from raising the rates without justification after a decent interval. Lainhart & Potter is very pleased with the services provided by Merchant Advocate and appreciate their help in penetrating the arcane world of credit card processing.”